Friday, 24 January 2014

Edge of Flight by Kate Jaimet

     Meet Vanisha. She's in grade twelve and she's not sure what she wants to do with her life. Her mom is a professor, and she wants Vanisha to go to university. However, Vanisha's not sure university is for her. Things aren't all bad though, despite the fact they've moved again, to Utah this time, Vanisha has made some new friends, Jeb and Rusty, and they've taught her all about rock climbing. Jeb is a football player and a bit crazy; his goals for the future are to, "Sign up for high-def TV...and watch lots of sports." Rusty, on the other hand, is more thoughtful, and strategic. He plans to be an ambulance attendant, and has already been accepted in a program.
     As the story begins, Vanisha has decided that today will be the day she finally climbs Edge of Flight, a difficult climb that requires committment, and tenacity. Unfortunately, it's raining, so the three climbers decide to look for a safer route which leads them to what they least expect- a marijuana field. Now, danger is not only  climbing the mountain, but coming into contact with the biker gang who owns the field and will kill anyone who gets in their way. Vanisha and Rusty are smart enough to walk away, but Jeb, being the risk taker, insists on a further exploration of the field. Before he knows it, Jeb is shot, and it's up to Rusty to keep him alive, while Vanisha risks her life to save them all.
     I thought I wouldn't like this book because I'm not very interested in rock climbing, but on the contrary, I found myself becoming quite interested in learning how climbs actually work, and all the equipment, and the strategy that goes into each climb.  There are several rock climbing terms that are mentioned, but thanks to the handy dandy glossary at the back, you won't have any trouble understanding all this lingo. From the interesting twist, to the beautiful descriptions of the Ozark mountains, and the actual climbs, I feel Edge of Flight is worth reading.
     Will Jeb survive? Will the biker gang find Jeb and Rusty before Vanisha can hike back to town? Will Vanisha make a decision about her life, or die before she has the chance? These are the questions you will ask yourself as you read Edge of Flight!
Final Thoughts: Maybe I will try rock climbing....someday.  :)

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