Thursday, 3 April 2014


"I just..." I can hear her take a deep breath, almost gasp. There's another silence. I'm about to say something when she clears her throat and says, sounding almost normal, "I need you to do something for me, okay?" And so begins the story of twins Cameron and Katie. As our story begins, Katie asks Cameron to go the woods, but she won't tell him why. What Cameron finds there is both shocking and mysterious- a baby abandoned in the woods. "Who's baby is it?" Cameron wonders. "Is it Katie's?" As the chapters unfold we learn the answers to these questions, and much more. 
I really enjoyed this story. It involved both a mystery and an important social issue which is teen pregnancy. The characters were interesting, and felt true to life. My only complaint is, at the end I wanted to know more, especially about the character of Katie.
Final Thoughts: There are many circumstances surrounding teen pregnancy. We should never assume anything is true or false. Every girl's story is different.

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