Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Exposure by Patricia Murdoch

     Exposure has probably been my favourite Orca book so far! Meet Julie. She is slightly overweight, and Sammy is her only real friend at school. Everyday, she is tormented and bullied by Dana. Dana is pretty and popular. Some of the things Dana says to Julie are utterly horrific, "You know, no matter what happens my life, it's still better than yours. If I were you, I'd kill myself." Julie often wonders how she will face another day at school. Luckily, Julie's brother Zack goes to a party, and some explicit pictures of Dana wind up in Julie's possession. Now, Julie has to decide if she will get the ultimate revenge, or take the high road.
     I really like how Murdoch outlined the interactions of girls in a high school setting. All the conversations felt very real, and I could feel Julie's pain. I also enjoyed how the story played out in the end. It was different from other books I've read about bullying.
Final Thoughts: For all the girls who are bullies or victims of bullies- read this story. It might help you find a way through.

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