Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Problem by Dayle Campbell Gaetz

     My latest book, No Problem, was enjoyable, and I think teenagers will relate to the issues Curt, the protagonist, is going through. To give you more of a background on Curt, he is a baseball pitcher, and he's not good- he's great. Unfortunately, for him, his dad was a great pitcher, but he never made it to the major leagues. Now, Curt's dad wants nothing more than for Curt to make it to "the big time." With all the pressure from his father Curt finds it difficult to even enjoy his baseball games, and he's not sure he wants to pursue a career in baseball anyway. Two bright spots in Curt's life are his new girlfriend Leah, though she does have a few problems of her own, and his best friend Stuart. In addition, he's just started a new job working with an intriguing "bad girl" called Rachel. So, how does Curt deal with all this pressure and his new relationship? He turns to drugs. At first it's just to deal with his sore shoulder, but as the pressure mounts, so does Curt's drug use. Will he be able to handle a new job, a new girlfriend, and a possible future in baseball?  Curt's answer: "No problem."
Final Thoughts: It's easier to get hooked on drugs than one might think. One small pill can lead you down a very destructive path.

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