Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Riot Act by Diane Tullson

     When you have to make a tough decision about what's right, it can change your life. Daniel is 17,and loves hockey. When Riot Act begins he and his friend Nick decide to go to "the big game", but their team loses, and riots break out in the city.  Fires are started, cars are torn apart, and people are hurt. Daniel and Nick have been drinking, and at first, they both participate in the riot. Daniel is worried though; his dad is a cop, and if he catches them, they will both be in serious trouble. Daniel leads people into a pizza shop, and before he knows it, the shop is being torn apart. Nick is participating in the looting and rioting, but Daniel stops, finally realizing what's happening is awful, and he's part of it. Instead of continuing the destruction, Daniel helps to stop the rioters. Now, Daniel is being hailed as a hero, while Nick is condemned as a criminal. Daniel must decide if he's going to admit the truth to his parents and friends, or let Nick take the rap for everything.
Final Thoughts: This book will really get you thinking about how your actions have consequences, and you will probably ask yourself, "What would I do if I was Nick?"

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